The nine hill forts around Bengaluru

Bengaluru lies in the Deccan plateau and is surrounded by multiple hillocks. A few among them are fortified. And among these forts, a collection of 9 forts together are called Navadurgas. Nava stands for nine and durga means fort. When I discovered the list, I had already visited three of the forts. I had driven to Nandidurga and Devarayana durga and I also have hiked Saavandurga once to watch sunrise from the peak. I was thinking to revisit these place again, but to hike to these places rather than drive here.

The list of the nine forts are

  1. Nandi durga
  2. Hutri durga
  3. Devarayana durga
  4. Savana durga
  5. Makali durga
  6. Channarayana durga
  7. Bhairava durga
  8. Huliraya durga
  9. Kabbala durga

Nandi durga

Nandi durga is the famous Nandi hills frequented by almost everyone in Bengaluru. I had been here multiple times before. Every time some friend comes to visit us in Bengaluru and the talk of going on a drive comes, it has always been Nandi hills. But recently I haven’t been here for a very long time due to the crowd it receives.

I discovered a trek trail and to Nandi hills and decided to give it a try this time. I was hoping that this trail is not as crowded as the peak.

I started the hike and realised that the trail also receives relatively higher traffic compared to other trek trails around Bengaluru. The trail reaches the Tippu summer palace. I spent very less time in the peak due to the crowd and hiked back down immediately.

Hutri durga

This fort is located 826 meters above sea level and was built by Kempegowda. Since 1792 it was a military station under British rule. A watercolor painting of the hill by Robert Home, a British military officer drawn between 1790-92 is available currently in the London museum.

Within the fort is the Sri Shankareshwara temple. I was able to spot a lot of Kites at the peak.

Devarayana durga

This is another fort which can be reached by road till the peak. The Yoga Narasimha temple at the top is reachable after hiking a few steps from the place where the car is parked. The viewpoint beyond the temple is a small hike.

Savana durga

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