Sri Revana Siddheshwara Betta

Bangalore is surrounded by hillocks, most rising 3000 feet above sea level. Savandurga, Shivagange, Madugiri and Revana Siddheshwara are few among them. Sri Revana Siddheshwara (SRS) Betta is relatively an easy climb as there are footpath from the parking to the summit.

SRS betta is a short distance away from Ramanagara and the road to the betta from Ramnagara runs parallel to the Arkavathi river. This 15 kilometer stretch is beautiful and dotted with many small villages. The ascent to the top of the hill begins here and as one progresses, the climb becomes steeper. Moreover, it’s an interesting climb as one climbs across the circumference of the rock. As one ascends, one has a terrific view of the area which becomes even better the higher one goes. Our climb was made easy by the cool breeze and the light drizzle.

The hill stands at an altitude of 3000 feet above sea level. The hill gets its name from Revanna Siddeshwara. He is believed to be the re-incarnation of Jagadguru Sri Renukacharya the founder of Veerashaiva Siddantha. He is said to have performed penance at the cave in this hill.

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