Kaigal waterfalls

We reached early when the place was opened. That is one trick which always works for waterfalls. Reach there as early as possible that you get the whole place for yourself. We did the same here too. We reached early and had the whole place for us. The place had multiple waterfalls. The water flow and the scene was simply poetic.

This is the song which crossed my mind when I was standing overlooking at the water falling into the gorge hearing the noise the water made. In this song, the author compares the river to a women. I once was speaking to a friend from the north east and she was not very excited about waterfalls. It makes sense for her. But for a guy who grew up in a region which had shortage of water, this is a blessing.

Flowing water for me always means excitement. I guess it is the same for the whole Tamil culture. Tho. Paramasivan speaks about in his essay நீராட்டும் ஆறாட்டும் (Neeraattum Aaraattum. He mentions how taking bath is something celebrated about from the Sangam literature. This is the same with Velpaari too. He mentioned there is nothing that seduces a women more than water in her body.

If there are few things one can enjoy in life without many struggles, I guess taking bath in a water body is definitely one of it. I guess it is even better than sex. Taking a bath in the nature, in flowing water is a blessing. However old you grow you become a child when you are in water. You play with it, swim, dive, wet your feet, drink, pee into it. You become one with it and let your sorrows flow with the water.

Taking bath in flowing water is one thing that is free and so priceless. Experience it. I did the same thing here in Kaigal waterfalls.

Enroute to the waterfalls
The small hike to reach the waterfalls
Kaigal waterfalls


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