This particular hill lock is famous for multiple reasons. One reason is that the old Hindi movie Sholay was shot here. And this hillock is the India’s only Vulture sanctuary. And like many other hillocks around, this also hosts a temple.

This rocks had small cave like structures in its walls. I guess that is something unique to this particular hillock. One can’t reach there without the help of ropes and some professional training. Probably thats where the vultures stay.

The place can be reached only after 9AM since its a protected area. The hill is enclosed with walls and gates. The initial hike is to the temple which has around 400 steps. After the temple also the hike is easy for most of the part. The last stretch is a bit scary, but has railings and its just a small stretch and can be covered in a few minutes.

There is another trail towards a Anjenayar temple which we were not able to complete. It was drizzling and the path looked more slippery. So we decided to cut short that trail. Since it was drizzling on and off, we were able to spot quite a number of insects.

The recent rains drenched in the rock
Its green all the way due to the recent rains
A small hillock near the main trail
The climb to the peak. The last stretch with railings.
A view from the top
View of the temple and the hillock behind
The alternate trail with a old fort ruins
Details of the trail

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