Thoranamalai Murugan Kovil: A beautiful hike

Thoranamalai is a small peak situated in the Western Ghats. It has this small Murugan temple. Murugan is the god of Hills in Tamilnadu. One can notice his temples all around Courtallam. It is believed that the first Plastic Surgery was done here a long time back by a saint.

Recently a series of steps have been built to reach the temple. It is worth climbing it given the view one gets from the top of the hill.

The peak to climb

I was the last one to climb the steps. I reached the place in the evening just before the temple was closed with an injured leg. Everyone coming down were asking me to go faster if I am to witness the lord. I had to drag myself to the top of the peak. By the time I was there, the priest had already closed the Amman temple and was about to close the Murugan temple.

The priest there gave me a lemon with some special instruction on how to use it. He asked me not to cut it open, but squeeze it and drink it directly. I knew the demerits of this approach. In case there is a worm inside the fruit, you realise it later, only when you see the worm crawling out of the whole you made. As a non believer I am, I was bit skeptical why the priest had given me this particular instruction and noticed the fruit had worm holes. I was not sure if the priest knew it or it was accidental. Looks like the God didn’t like me reaching all the heights to witness him. :-p

I spent some time there watching the whole plains ahead of me.

View of the plains from the top

Once I started walking down, my pain was unbearable. Climbing was much easier compared to this. I was putting my left foot first and then had to drag the right one. I slowed down a lot. It was because of the pain caused by the injury and also by the beauty around. I was the only one there and I simply wouldn’t rush without enjoying the nature around.

I did spot an animal while walking down. I pulled down my mobile to take a pic of it. The animal clearly wasn’t happy seeing me there. It clearly started making warning noises. I had to walk away from it. I guess it was a mongoose, but I am not sure of it.

Watch closely to identify the animal. And also leave a comment if you can identify the animal.

By the time I reached downhill, the gate at the start of the trail was closed and I had to climb the gate with the injured leg to get out of the place.

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