Mani Biryani Centre, Hoskote

Mani Biryani Centre, Hoskote is a famous biryani place close to Bangalore. Biryani here is served only three days per week and that too only during early morning. The shop is open on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays from 6 AM till the stocks last which is around 10 AM. I have never been here on a weekday. But on weekends the place is overcrowded. This time I had to wait for 1 hour to get Biryani.

What to expect

The place is not fancy. You will have to stand in a huge line to get food and there are makeshift places where you can sit and eat. They serve hot mutton biryani on a plate with raita. You can pay extra and get water bottles. The current price is Rs. 200 for a plate of biryani and Rs. 210 for parcel. They do not sell anything else. So if you are vegetarian or want to try something else other than the mutton biryani, there are no other options for you.

When you reach there generally there are three lines. One line is to get the token, another to get parcel and another to get the biryani. So one has to stand in two lines minimum to get food. So if you go as a group divide and conquer the problem. I had spend 1 hour in a single line. If I didn’t take any company with me I would have waited for 2 hours to get my biryani.


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