Mandaragiri also known as Basadi Betta is a small hill with an ancient Jain temple at the top of it. At the foothills of the hill is another jain temple with a giant Gommateshwara statue and a peacock feather shaped Gurumandir. At the other side of the hill is the Mydala lake.

We had reached early and the sun was not yet up. We climbed the hill and then got down towards the lake and spent some time in the lake bank. Apparently the lake was chosen to supply drinking water to Bangalore, but the project is stopped as of now.

Realized that the lake is a nice place for night camping. Spoke to a local to understand camping there. He had asked us to get permissions from the nearby police station. And through the mud road, one can climb the hill on a car. Thats something to try next time when I am visit here.

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