The Buffalo Rider @ Aghoreshwara Temple, Ikkeri

Aghoreshwara Temple, Ikkeri

Aghoreshwara temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located in a small village Ikkeri in the Shimoga district. To reach there we had to take an auto from Sagar. Its around 5 km from Sagar.

The Buffalo Rider @ Aghoreshwara Temple, Ikkeri
The Buffalo Rider @ Aghoreshwara Temple, Ikkeri

The temple was built by the Keladi Nayaks, chieftains of the Vijayanagara empire. During the reign of Chaudappa Nayaka, (A.D. 1499 – 1544), the capital was shifted from Keladi to Ikkeri. Its believed that the temple was built during this time.

The temple faces north and has a Garbhagriha, an Ardhamandapa and a Mukhamandapa (hall) with a separate pavilion for Nandi. Entry into the Garbhagriha and the Ardhamandapa is not allowed. In the either side of the entry to the Ardhamandapa are the Ganesha and the Kartikeya idols in one side and the Mahishamardini and Bhairava to one side. The hall has three ornate doorways approached by steps supported by railings. The north door has two elephants at the either side of the entrance. The hall has perforated windows with ornamental arches interspersed with figure sculptures.

The temple complex also has the Parvati shrine built on similar lines to the main temple with lesser dimensions and fewer sculptures.

The temple is maintained by the ASI and is free to enter.

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