Antargange is a small hill lock near Kolar in Karnataka. It is typical to any other hill in the area. It’s made of boulders of different size and shape lying over each other. The hill has a small temple dedicated to Shri Kaashi Vishwanatha which attracts devotees, which attracts shopkeepers who sell food and things needed for worship which in turn attracts monkeys.

The temple has a small pushpakarani and nice big trees around it. The special thing about the hill is it has two cave like structures. To reach the caves, it is an easy to moderate trek or hike. The hike is through some nice tracks. Some part has some steps, some parts where steps are chiseled out in the rock and its made easy that way.

When we enquired to local shop keeper for the route to the caves, he asked us to rush or else there will cops here in sometime to block peoples entry in the hiking trail. Apparently the entry after the temple to the caves is prohibited. I am not sure if it’s true because I thought people use this trail to get to the village across the hill.

I would suggest one to take a guide to the cave. The very first entry into the cave was to jump about 5 feet into the cave and the surface where you would land was not even flat. I would have never done it without the help of the guide. The guide knew exactly where to put the foot to enter in. He did suggest where to put the foot and how to use your back against the rock to balance yourself.

There were places where we had to get on four and scroll slowly. The view was good when you are inside the cave and look up to see the sky. That’s just the first cave. The second cave is so dark and the sun rays doesn’t enter in.

The second cave was so small that it looked like one is dropping into a hole in the earth. To see the person in front of you get into the hole and get down gave you some fear. I had read a blog post which mentioned fat people not to try these caves. I thought that was a bad thing to say, but after I visited the cave might be I should add a warning note do not try it if you are not fit.

What makes me travel is each time I travel somewhere something within me changes. I get a different question to ponder upon. After scrolling out of the second cave all I would think was who discovered this cave and how did he end up scrolling into the depths of the earth to find it. What motivated him to get into the unknown of what is under the rock. It would be an interesting story to write a fictional short story on how some random human discovered this cave.


    • You will try it for sure. Till this experience, my mental picture of a cave was something different. After this its completely different. I was scared to death. I did it only cause of the friends around me. Else I would have walked away from doing it

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