Horsely Hills

Horsley Hills is a small hill station near Madanapalle of Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh. The name is after a British collector who built his home here. In contrast to the dry and hot surrounding, this area is well vegetated with cooler climate. This makes it attractive as a hill station and a tourist spot to the locals around.

The road to the hill has couple of hair pin bends and some scenic view points. The hill station also has options to stay and a few restaurants too. Andhra Pradesh tourism board runs its own Haritha resort as in other tourist places in Andhra.

Galibandalu or the wind rocks is a rocky slope with a nice view of the valley and had some nice breeze flowing.

Galibanda Viewpoint @ Horsley Hills
Galibanda Viewpoint @ Horsley Hills
The Buffalo @ Horsley Hills
The Buffalo @ Horsley Hills

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