Baamikonda Peak Trek

Baamikonda is not a well-known trail and is a relatively easy one. Our initial plan was to trek Kudremukh. But they allow only 50 persons on this trek per day. So we had to consider Kurinjal peak but even that was not available. So we ended up trekking Baamikonda.

It’s funny how every hill station in India claims to be Scotland. Why go to Scotland, When there is one at your own backyard. That’s the billboard claiming Chickmagalur as Scotland. That’s the same case in Coorg also. People claim Coorg as the Scotland of India.

We stayed in Balgal homestay. And they had arranged for a local guide for us to trek. The host was so good to us and we had some awesome experience there.

The trek started with an off-road ride to the base of the trek trail on a 4 X 4 jeep.

Where the good roads end and you need a 4 wheel drive to go further
Beautiful paddy fields
Our trek begins here where it looks so easy
The initial ascent with the local guide leading us
A small falls along our trail
Resting. A small break.
Shola Heights Resort
Our final target.

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