We had this plan to spend our time in Pondicherry. When the plan was out, the first thing which came to the mind was cheap alcohol. But this time since it was with family, that was out of the equation. The next thing was Auroville and Gandhi statue. When I did my research about Pondicherry, the things which showed up so often was Auroville and JIPMER.
The first thing we did after refreshing ourselves in the hotel was rent a scooter and went to Le Cafe to have breakfast. This cafe is well maintained for a government run one. It has a good view right in the edge of the land. The service was real poor. We were hungry and the food just arrived so late. The food was good.
A view from Le cafe
Our next stop was Auroville. That small ride from Pondi to the auroville was good. We enjoyed the ride. We had to walk quite a distance to reach Matrimandir, and that too to have a view of it from outside. Might be this structure was interesting a decade back. I feel in todays world, there are quite a lot of uniquely shaped buildings in a metro city and this long walk is so tiresome to just have a glimpse of it.
We went straight to room to rest for sometime and then we started to Rock beach. Did I mention that we stayed in Heritage town. This part of town is a bustling market place, and it attracts quite a lot of crowd on a Sunday evening. We had to cross white town to reach the Rock beach. White town houses a lot of french style houses with a beautiful view.
Rock beach was crowded but the walk was worth it. We had walked crossing the Gandhi statue witnessing the police band, french embassy, customs, old light house. We walked till the other end of the beach and walked back again.
The next day morning we had rushed to watch the sunrise at rock beach and then to paradise beach. We rushed to the spot to beat the crowd. The small boat trip to paradise beach and then the bath there was good. The beach doesn’t have many facilities. But the government is working on it. They have build shacks and dressing rooms, which are relatively new built structures in the beach.
The rising sun with the fisherman and the birds

Le cafe at night
Gandhi statue
The pier
The fisherman working so early even before the sun is up.

Overall the trip was a good thing to spend time on a weekend away from the metro city life.

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