Manapad & Uvari

One fine day me and my brothers decided to go watch sunrise at Uvari for no reason. The plan was hatched the night before the trip. We asked Google the time to reach there and the time the Sun would rise next morning. We had to set our alarms so that we reach there in time.
Uvari is a small fishing town in the east coast. Its known for Arulmigu Ovari Suyambulinga swami temple and the Kappal Matha church. We started early and were literally chasing the sun. We were travelling towards east and were looking at the horizon to see that the sun doesn’t come out before we reach the spot.
From the car. You can see the horizon lighting up
On the way it was a splendid sight to see small villages waking up from their sleep and the tea shops becoming active. Finally reached Uvari and ended up in the pier.
Google Maps of the location we were in
We started walking in the pier towards the sun. Fishermen waiting to get into sea, birds catching there early morning food, a single fisher man catching fish with his custom made fishing rod.

And at one point I turned towards the mainland to witness the first rays of sun on the small village, and I was awestruck. The small village looked as if it was coated with gold by the sun rays. It was an amazing scene. As usual tried taking some pics and they didn’t do enough justice to the scene. So I had to put the camera away and enjoy the scenery.

Kappal Matha Church

Our next stop was supposed to be Manapad. Another small village in the coast made famous for some movies shot there. There are few scenes from Singam shot here.

This place has an awesome blue beach. And the church here is also so famous.

St. Francis Xavier was supposedly landed here.

My over excited brother

Over excited brothers

Never knew such a beautiful place existed so close to home. Decided to check all places close to home. And after the trip was done, and when I was in Bangalore, realised there are options to surf and do adventurous sports in Manapad. So have it check it agin some time soon.

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