A long awaited road trip from my village to Rameshwaram along the East Coast Road with my brothers. The roads were in good condition, but the scenery around was so dry and boring.
Our plan was to stay at South Kathadi and try some water sports with them. Met my brothers friend in Rameshwaram and he acted us our guide.
Our trip to Dhanushkodi was quite disappointing when we were not allowed to enter the well built roads to reach there. Rather we had to board the vans who charged a huge amount for a round trip. We were pushed in a van with some 14 other people. Over crowded.
Even then we did not get to the see the lands end. So disappointing. Will have to visit there once again sometime.
Reached the resort and met few cool guys there. Had a few interesting conversations with them. They taught me how to star gaze and took some time lapse photos of the stars in the sky. Check out their blog.
Next day morning we started out with kayaking. We took around two hours to reach back. Kayaking in the sea was the best thing that happened in Rameshwaram. I got sun burnt.
Jugaad 4 wheel drive

Old watch tower

Old hospital @ Dhanushkodi

Old church @ Dhanuskodi

The beaten track

A try at the star trails

Lingam @ Dhanuskodi

A normal sight at the island



Light house

Pamban bridge

A small accident



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