Innovative Film City

This trip was with my two beautiful cousins, when they had come to Bangalore for their summer vacation.

Tribal Museum

This museum was a piece of art. It had some artistic photogenic models.
Tribal museum
Tribal museum

Tribal Museum

Haunted Mansion

Even though we entered confident, the dim lighting and the models did wreck our confidence a bit.

Dino Park

Animated dino park.

Fossil Museum

Petting Zoo

Had few goats, cows, hens, pigeons. For a village kid like me it is so normal to feed this animals. Its daily affair in my hometown. I don’t know what I expected when I entered in. To feed a lion.

Magic show

Mirror maze

A maze of mirrors. You enter through the entrance and you are lost in the reflections in the maze. We did put our effort to come out, but found our way out through the same way we entered in. Busted.

Aqua Kingdom

Kids wanted to enter that bleaching powder smelling over crowded pond. Wasn’t that attractive to the adults.

Cartoon City

One can only find the cartoons at the entrance. Then the city is lost.

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