Hampi II

I had visited Hampi again, I love this place for some unknown reason. I travelled alone this time too.

Here are few interesting incidents which took place in both the trips.

Lost in a Island
I was wandering along the Tungabhadra river in Hampi. I was following the sign boards leading to a temple. The place was completely deserted. The last people I saw was a group of youngsters posing for a photo with a solo foreign traveller. I had crossed them a long back and walked into the green lush near the river. I felt lost. I noticed a local guy following me. I was not sure if he was following me or he is in his way to do his work.

Anyway I acted as if I was taking photos and made him go ahead of me. So brilliant of me right :-p. After moving some ten feet ahead of me. He stopped and asked if I wanted a trip in the boat to the island he pointed. Sounds interesting right. I agreed and he rowed me there in his parisal.

After reaching there, I felt something about the place was fishy. This boat guy dropped me and sailed away. There was not even a single person in sight. After roaming for sometime I found a tamil lady and a tourist.I learned that she was settled in Australia and she was from Coimbatore.

The guide informed me that there is no bridge / boat to get out of this island. 😦 I had to wait till there tour of the island was over and they gave me a lift to the other side of the river.

Free Tender Coconut
As usual, I was wondering and was so thirsty. I saw a bunch of people with tender coconuts in the road side. I stopped my bike and asked them for a coconut. They mentioned its not for sale. I started my bike again but the boss in the crowd stopped me and offered me a coconut. When I paid him money, he didn’t take it. Free coconut.

I am Inspector
I was having a look around a deserted building. There was a old lady in the premises. I started speaking to her and started enquiring about the kind of work people do their for renovating the building. She asked me ‘Are you here to inspect the work?’. Guess what. I answered yes, and inspected the building and left.

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