Hogenakkal Watefalls

We had planned for a short one day trip and was looking for options. Among all other places we choose Hogenakkal.

Started from Bangalore at around 12. Had lunch in a small hotel in Hosur. Ate heavily since it was a long time after which we are having food in a tamil shop.

The trip was not so fun till Hosur, since the day was hot and there was traffic. From there we took a state highway. The scenes around were good, and we started enjoying the ride. The air had turned cool and the road had less traffic and was peaceful.

The things which come to mind, when you hear about Hogenakkal are oil massage, fish and coracle ride. We reached Hogenakkal by around 4. People started leaving by then. We had parked our car, and people started approaching us asking if we needed an oil massage. There was a lady who was ready to cook for us, if we buy her fish. She said she will cook us food and fish by the time we come back from our bath.
We were in no mood to eat and, we rushed to the massage place. We had oil massage. I will literally say we payed them to beat us up. I knew this coming, but I thought it would be relaxing after the massage. But contrary to my thought, I had bruises in my stomach and the next I felt pain in my body. I seriously don’t think all the people who offer you massage there are professionals. And there is no way you can find one. Everyone wears a uniform. I will never advice anyone to get a massage there.
We went to the falls to take bath. It was awesome. There was a lot of water in the falls. We were afraid about the availability of the water before staring to Hogenakkal. Tried asking google if there is enough water in Hogenakkal falls, but sadly google didn’t have the answer for it. The water level didn’t disappoint us.

The falls and man catching fish

We then started from there once it started getting dark. Sunset and sunrise are the most beautiful things wherever you are. We didn’t have time to go in the coracle as there had shut it down already by the time we had reached there.

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