Yet another road trip planned and executed to Mekedaatu. Last minute changes in the plan made a complete new crew.

Mekedaatu is a 100 km away from Bangalore. We had planned it as a day trip. Mekedaatu means the place where the goat jumped. Its a narrow gorge in river Kaveri. The myth is that a goat was chased by a tiger. The goat came to this point in the gorge where to save its life it need to cross the river by leaping over the gorge. It did and so the name Mekedaatu which literally means the place where the goat leaped.

Just two hours travel from the fast growing city of India, the villages are still the same.

Rural karnataka

This thing I hate the most in every tourist spot, some random guy with a printed slip asking for parking charges. Why the hell should I pay to park in this empty piece of land. But we paid the amount, just to avoid a fight with that looser.

So called parking lot where you need to pay

This is the first time, I am seeing such a landscape.

Chunchi falls – A completely different landscape 

Wish to spend hours in this calm pool in a parisal reading books.

As in the “KO” movie
Calm water
The falls
A closer look
The road
Crocodile seems exciting
The riverbed
We rode at the roof of the bus
The exact spot
Holes in the rock
The slow stream
A bird’s eye view
Silver trees
The sun is going down
Our awesome bus
The spring is coming
The rock texture
The ultra-fast safest bus in the world

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