Last weekend we traveled to Murudeshwar. Four of us, started early morning from Bangalore. It was so early according to our standards. All the roads were foggy. Have never got up that early in Bangalore.

The foggy roads

 The highways around Bangalore shows the development going on in India.

The plan was to reach Murudeshwar by saturday evening, sleep there and to dive into the sea next morning and to leave to Bangalore by evening.

On our way we were distracted by the board ‘Hebbe Falls’. We thought why don’t we take a bath here and then proceed. When we inquired we were redirected to a nearby falls ‘Kalhatti falls’. When doing the research for trip, had seen few photos of this place, we decided to check this out.

We took a slight turn from our main target.

We were able to see the lifestyle in these areas. They were pretty much similar to TN villages. The roads had trees on both sides.

Typical south Indian village
Goats blocking the road

Trees on the sides of the road
We reached the falls. We started hiking to the falls. We were not satisfied with the ambience. There were a lot of people drinking alcohol in the open. People coming in the opposite side were drunk and were not able to walk properly. There was not much water flowing as well. We atlast reached the falls. We took bath there and started back. The falls wasn’t so great and wasn’t so bad also. It was a Ok Ok place.

Yes, This is it. The waterfall

The stream

Look at its roots

The rock texture

The kalhatti shiva temple 
Some flowers

The purple tree
On the way we planned to check Bhadra Dam.

Bhadra Dam

Island inside the dam

On our way to Murudeshwar, our next target was Jog falls. We knew it’s not a season now. but still we wanted to check the second highest waterfall in India. But we were late, so had to put the plan aside.

After sunset

The river

On the way to Jog
Then we again started back to Murudeshwar. This part of the travel through the western ghats was the best. There was less traffic, no mobile signal, cool breeze, crazy zig zag bends in the road. Enjoyed the trip. At night we reached Murudeshwar at last.
Don’t ever think of booking a room before coming here. When we reached there a lot of people were crowding our car shouting “Deluxe room sir, AC room sir”. Might be because it was a non season time, but there were a lot of options to choose from. We confirmed our slots with the ‘Dreamz Divers’, booked a room and had a deep sleep after a day long drive.
The next morning we woke up to find two tires were punctured. We managed to reach ‘Naveen Beach Restaurant’. The name was so catching and also their building built above the sea. But the service was very bad. Had breakfast and came out to find that our car didn’t start. We managed to push our car to a parking spot and joined the divers.
Murudeshwar Beach
Dreamz Diving

Temple Gopura

A view of the temple before getting into the boats


Our destination – Netrani Island
The clear sea

Our trainer teaching us
The temple from the sea
A fishing boat
Getting ready for the dive
The diver is already in
Done with the diving, we got our car repaired and then came to Jog falls on our way back to Bangalore.
Moon through the twigs

The dry Jog falls

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