Singaperumal Temple

Singaperumal Koil is the name of a small village located in the outskirts of Chennai on the National Highway 32. The village is named after this temple. I had stayed in Pareri for about a year in a walkable distance from the temple.

I am not the kind of person who goes to temple very often. I had moved to Chennai a year back and the thought of visiting a temple never crossed my mind. My room mates used to go to Church every weekend without fail. I used to go to theaters in Chengalpattu almost every weekend, regardless of what movie is being shown there, to pass time.

Tomorrow is my last working day at Infosys. I had this guilty feeling of not going to temple for the past one year, which moved me to visit some temple close to the place where I stay. I heard about Singaperumal Temple from my colleague and thought at least today I should visit it and offer my prayers. I had collected money since I settled here in a piggy bank to offer to God. I took half of it and got directions from my friend and left to the temple.

I have already learnt that the temple is on a hillock. The main idol is carved within the hillock so if you want to go around the temple you will have to circumvent the hillock itself. The main deity Sri Narasimha Swamy here has 3 eyes and the third eye is opened by the priest while performing pooja to the deity. The Goddess here is Sri Ahobila Valli Thaayaar. Not sure if the goddess is any way connected to the Ahobilam temple in Andhra Pradesh.

I reached there around 7.00 P.M. The experience I got there is awesome. The whole evening scene, the temple going people around, the dim lights and the smell everything about the place had some good aura in it. With my limited words I will not be able to explain it. The place was so good for praying. I felt very bad that I have been near this place for a whole year and I was such an idiot to never visit it. It’s all God’s play to make me visit it in the last day of my stay. I have decided to visit the temple and offer my prayers whenever possible.

After a couple of years I did visit the place but was scared to visit the temple. Its the same reason why I haven’t watched Baasha movie. I enjoyed it the first time I been there and afraid that might not be the case again. I didn’t want to spoil the feeling and hence staying away from the temple.

So especially for people staying and working around Mahindra City. Do spend some time in visiting the temple.


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