JaganMohan Palace

I’m staying in Infosys at Mysore for a project. I, along with my friends, planned to go around the city on 14-02-2010. All of us are new to Mysore. We started by around 11am. We got into a bus and reached CBS (Central Bus Stand). We asked some people for a shop with electronic goods. We were said that Devaraj Street contains all kinds of shops. We got directions from many passersby and finally reached Devaraj Street. Unexpectedly we didn’t find any shop with electronic items. We searched lot of shops for an mp3 player but couldn’t find one. Then we decided to go to Mysore palace. The palace was quite visible from the bus stand. So we walked from there and reached the palace and found that we were in the back gate of the palace. We were asked to go through the front gate. We decided to take a ride to the front gate in a horse-driven cart. When we reached the front gate we found a big crowd there. They were waiting in a queue to enter the palace. We decided to go to the Mysore palace the next week end. We went for shopping in the nearby shops. Then we decided to go to the JaganMohan palace.


So we looked for a horse cart to go to the palace. We found one. And while going to the palace the driver of that cart said that JeganMohan palace was not worth to see. We reached the front gate and entered the palace paying Rs.20 each as the entry fee. Camera was not allowed inside the palace. The palace was full of paintings and ancients artifacts used by the kings of Mysore. There was an art museum in the palace. I bought a printout of an artwork as a remembrance of that place. We were inside the palace for around one hour. It would be a good place for art lovers. We understood that the palace was not a place to visit for youngsters like us.

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