Aralvaimozhi is a pass in the western ghats. It allows passage from the plains of Tirunelveli district to the Nagercoil district. Historically this place had a lot of importance due to its geography. Each time I crossed this pass driving my car, the peak of the hill nearby felt like it was calling me.

So one day I decided to climb it. I had just recovered from Covid and I was not able to climb half of the hill. So I quit climbing the first time and I did reach the peak the second time. The third time I went with another set of friends and the fourth time with my family.

This tree is at the edge of the hill and is visible from the plains. Seeing this tree from the car driving around gives me a nostalgic feeling.
Steps to climb
With my brother and Valliyur ASP Samay Singh Meena
A view from the top towards the western ghats
A view from the top towards the town
Us trying to stop the wind
My very first attempt to climb the hill on a hot sunny day

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