Day 9: Homebound

Today, I have to say goodbye to my travel buddies and visit my home. I started early with a cup of tea in a local shop at Varkala, and drove towards Trivandrum and then from there to Kanyakumari.

If I would speak about the colors of Kerala, it is two colors. Red in north Kerala depicting communism and yellow in south Kerala depicting SNDP. From Alleppey, the frequency of yellow was slowly increasing. It reached its peak in Varkala. That’s because of the Sree Jagadhnadha Narayana Swamy temple.

I was interested in visiting this temple, but I had noticed huge crowds of people walking with yellow dresses and I assumed all had come to this temple. So I thought it would be crowded and so skipped the temple.

The drive to Trivandrum was amazing. The roads were filled with greenery. I had also crossed a small town called Attingal. I had read about this town in a book called The Ivory Throne. This is the town from where the Travancore Rajas of Trivandrum chose their Rani’s. Given Kerala was a matriarchal society, Attingal was the real power house of Kerala during the time. Now it just looked like any normal small town.

Just before entering Trivandrum, the traffic had increased a bit and I had a minor accident. The guy riding his two wheeler behind me rammed into my car when I had braked. It was a minor dent in my car and the two wheeler flew away before I would park my car and get to him.

The road from Trivandrum to Kanyakumari is something I have frequently travelled. I decided to miss the highway and take the smaller roads. There were stretches where there were no tarred roads, but the stretch was beautiful. I was driving along the coast in most of the places. I had driven till Eathamozhi, a small town in Nagercoil district and dropped my friends who were with me for the last week and went ahead with my journey to my in laws house.

My plan was to end my journey here. But the same evening, I decided to explore a nearby beach called Chothavilai Beach. This was a small beach with a crowd from all the nearby villages. I again watched the sunset here and spent some time with my kid before ending the day.

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