Monsoon Roadtrip

The initial plan was simple, to drive from Murudeshwara to Mangalore along the west coast. After the usual last minute dropouts and last minute addition to the trips, we started late night five men in a car.

I am writing this post six months after the trip and the memories are still fresh in my mind. Its these kind of things for which I travel. This particular trip was made special by two things. One is the rain and the other one is the company. Among the five of us I was meeting two of them for the first time but still the company was real good and enjoyable.


Jog Falls

On our way to Murudeshwara was Jog falls on a short detour. Jog is one of the mighty falls when there is enough water flowing in it. But the time when we visited, the dam upstream was shut and there was very little water flowing the waterfall. We hiked some 1400 steps down to visit the bottom of the valley. We did count the steps to verify the claim of the security posted there. It started drizzling when we started hiking down and when we were back to the car we were drenched in the rain. The rain made the experience memorable. This is still one in my bucket list, to visit the Jog falls when the falls has reached its full capacity and if possible to do the hike then. When the dam gates are open the hike route is closed. These are some moments I guess where I am ready to break the rules.

Jog Falls
Jog Falls

Hanging bridge Samshi, Upponi

After hiking these steps, we started getting real hungry and found a small shop on the way to Murudeshwara. Guess what was available there. White rice with Mangalore style fish curry. The best I have had so far.

Music, nice company and a car to drive in the ghats when its raining. The best one can experience in life. On our way, we spotted this hanging bridge and stopped to get a look of it. The bridge was made for pedestrians and bikes to cross the Sharavati river. Again I am not sure how the place would have looked if it was sunny there but the rain and the flowing river made the scene very beautiful.

Hanging bridge
Hanging bridge

Apsarakonda Waterfalls

A friend had suggested this waterfalls. Looked like not lot of people knew of this place. Its a small waterfalls behind a temple. From the falls through the bush one can see the beach from here. Around you in the falls the place is filled with green vegetation. And whats better is that when we visited the place, the place was totally for five of us and no one else was there. It was some of the best moments of life spent here.

Apsarakonda Waterfalls
Apsarakonda Waterfalls

Shri Murudeshwara Temple

And finally around evening we visited the Murudeshwara temple. The temple was about to close when we rushed in for the darshan. After the darshan we found cheap stay for 500 INR for 5 people. We stayed there for the night and early next morning started on our drive again.

Shri Murudeshwara Temple
Murudeshwara Temple

Maravanthe Beach

We started pretty early the next day and took the Murudeshwar to Mangalore route. We stopped in places where the road was so beautiful that we had to stop for pics. Roadtrips give that luxury to pause the trip anywhere you need and fast forward stuff which you want to ignore.

On the way to Mangalore is the Maravanthe beach with river in one side on the road and the beach on the other side. Again rain was welcoming us in the route and we stopped in a small shop in the side of the road for breakfast. It was one of an experience, drinking hot tea from a roadside shop when its raining heavily with the sea for the view.

The view from the tea shop. Across the road is the beach. This was our breakfast stop.

Sea Walk Malpe

We took a stop at Udupi hopping to take the ferry to St. Mary’s island. But we learned that the ferry is stopped due to the weather. We spend sometime in the sea walk Malpe.

Sea Walk, Malpe

Bekal Fort

I have been to Bekal fort before. What attracted me to come here again is the rain. I wanted to see the place again when it is raining. And Bekal didn’t fail to awe me. We were walking in the rain exploring the fort and it was beautiful.


The Route



Book ReadWalking with the ComradesNumber of road trippers5
Kilometers covered1000+Number of days2

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