Hampi III

The gist of this travel.

I speak to my friends a lot about Hampi. So they asked me to accompany them as a guide to Hampi.

This time, I got company when I travelled to Hampi. We were able to reach Hampi by early morning. I pushed my friends to climb the Matunga Hills to view the sun rise. So at last got a chance to witness sun rise from Matunga Hills.

Hampi has a lot to offer. Each time it brings up some new spot. This time the underground shiv linga gates were open. The water level in underground shiva temple was down. I was able to get a closer look of the linga inside.

I didn’t carry my camera this time as it was an unplanned trip. So this photo is taken using my mobile. You can see the linga if you look carefully.

And one other thing I noted was the new structures being renovated. There were few new structures which just showed up / were renovated since my last visit.

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