This trip again was unplanned for. We wanted to go to Hyderabad on a long road trip. Its around 560 km from Bangalore. Friday night we started playing carom board and when the clock hit somewhere around 2 we started from Bangalore. The highway from Bangalore to Hyderabad is so awesome. There was no major incidents we noticed here on our whole 1200 km drive.

There was a bad experience with the Hyderabad traffic police, which I have blogged here.

First we had gone to Charminar. It didn’t wow anyone. The interesting thing to note was there was a Hindu temple next to it. I had read about that the controversies about that temple a long back. When seeing incidents like this. I personally feel Tamilnadu is much peaceful than many other parts of India.

Then we went to a briyani place nearby called Shadaab. The briyani there wasn’t so great. Then we visited the Makkah Masjid. And next in our itinerary was the Buddha Statue.

The statue looked so beautiful. But the lake smelled like shit. It was a very disgusting drive to the statue.

Next we booked a room and went to the Paradise Restaurant. There briyani was completely impressive. Next day we went to Golconda Fort. Then started to Bangalore to reach by the evening.

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